Do you remember your first off-road vehicle?

The vehicle that gave you the bug for being outdoors seeking adventure and the deep-rooted need to be out exploring.

The weekends belong to my dad and camping was the family’s cheap vacation…every weekend. My father loved the woods in the summer, this was his way of spending time with his three boys.

One of his favorite spots was Parvin State Park, located in the southwestern part of New Jersey. Situated on the edge of the Pine Barrens, the park not only has pine forests, but also a swamp hardwood forest. The days were filled with all kinds of outdoor activities. At the time I was not aware he was teaching us survivor skills. We would spend the day collecting wood, cutting logs, finding and picking blueberries, building our own tarp tents, and learning how to bait a hook and fish.

Yet the fondest memories were the back wood driving. My dad the coolest truck. It was not a 4×4 rig…yet that didn’t matter to my dad…he went everywhere with his truck van. With all our camping gear in the back…we boys sitting on the floor…it was always an adventure. The van had no side windows, always hot and sweating like crazy…we were always looking forward…It almost felt as if we were driving the truck with my dad…always excited to see where would end up.

Here is a picture of the type of rig my dad had.

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